About Me

Hey there! I'm Hannah! 

If you've stumbled upon my little blog, hello! I am so very thrilled and happy to see you. 

I'm a 20 year old social work student with a passion for living and making a difference. I reside in the bipolar weather state, Indiana. 

I love a lot of things about life. I love pizza, art, thrifting/antiquing, sunflowers, gnomes (obviously), reading, making jewelry, Miley Cyrus, and Mexican food. 



I'm strange and my weird sense of humor comes even in times when it shouldn't. I screw up most jokes I attempt to tell and trip over thin air.

I am not a journalism student, so I am well aware that I don't always use proper grammar and put every single comma in the right place. Sometimes when I speak I pause at the wrong times, cuss like a sailor and have brain farts; and that will DEFINITELY come across in my blogging :)

As you can see, Jessica Day (New Girl) is my spirit animal. 

If you're still with me, cheers to you! xoxo.


  1. Hannah this is really cool. I will definitely follow your blog!:)